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Cardip is a spray on wrap which is sprayed onto the vehicle surface which resembles a plastic or latex coating, and can be removed if necessary without leaving any sticky residue on the surface. Cardip is an alternative to Vinyl wrapping or spray painting your vehicle. One of the features of dipping is it can be removed without taking it to a specialist and once removed the original surface is as it was when the product was applied. The Dip gets applied on the vehicle usually in a day or two, and lasts for anything from 2- 5 years depending on the range of products you choose and how it is maintained. Cardip can be applied as a DIY application or taken to any one of our Authorised applicators Australia Wide. Possibilities are endless and left to the imagination as Cardip can be applied to many surfaces like metal, aluminium, rubber, glass, treated timber, plastics, and many other surfaces.

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